Our Team

Our company is made up of a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team who work towards our common goal of furthering drug development by providing technological solutions, such as our fully automated "Epona" platform. Epona provides the user the ability to screen drug candidates against 3D microtissues while maintaining them in a body-on-a-chip type environment. 

Management Team

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Dr Finola Cliffe
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Finola’s PhD is from the University of Limerick in Biotechnology. She has particular interest in cell culture and process optimisation. Finola has been a team member of Hooke Bio since 2014 leading the interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers. She has 15 years’ experience in 2D and 3D (microbial, fungal and mammalian) cell culture.

Dr Mark Lyons
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Mark holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. He has a background in assay and platform development and industrialisation in the areas of microfluidics, cellular biology, immunoassay and clinical chemistry. Mark Lyons has been CEO of HookeBio since it spun out of the University of Limerick.


R&D Engineer/Scientist

Core Team


Shane Devitt
R&D Engineer


Patrick Costello
R&D Engineer

Pipetting Samples

Trisha O'Dwyer


Conor Madden
R&D Engineer


Sumir Ramesh
R&D Engineer